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Minuettes Christmas Kiss by sunshishi Minuettes Christmas Kiss by sunshishi
These are my two OC Minuette Muscardin and Henry Mouse - they are kind of the mousy impersonations of me and my boyfriend :D
I came up with their story some time ago where they met and got married. Minuette probably kept her last name because it suits her better - since she's a hazel dormouse and Muscardin is the french word for that^^
Here we can see Henry holding up a mistletoe to kiss his Minuette. Unfortunately I came up with a composition that's not quite clear - so there's way to much going on in the middle of this picture and you probably can't even see the mistletoe (which I forgot to shade by the way :no:) And I wanted to do way more on the fireplace and the back wall... Maybe they should just have kissed...
Anyways, I like the lights in this picture but some perspectives (table and candle stick) are a bit off.
I do like Minuette and Henry. They both look adorable and I like how their fur came out. It's the first time i coloured Henry - so I had to pick a colour for him and it's a nice warm grey now. Colour of clothes and hair colour is matching the colours of my boyfriend and me :D

:snowflake: :santa: Have a merry Christmas and happy holidays :santa: :snowflake:
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December 23, 2013
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